Step 1: Registration and Login

Enter the mobile number and click on Submit button. You will receive an SMS with 6-digit verification code as One Time Password (OTP) on your mobile. Enter the code, select the preferred language and click on Submit button.

Step 2: Home Page

You can view all your recent visits to the government hospitals for last 7 days. The Hospital name, patient name* and the date of visit to the hospital can be viewed. To provide feedback on a particular visit, click on Give Feedback button

* The actual name (you or your relative) against which the patient has registered in the hospital for a specific visit.

Step 3: Submit the Feedback

You can submit your feedback for the services received in a specific hospital by selecting an option from Very Satisfied, Satisfied and Not Satisfied. If you have selected Not Satisfied, you can further choose the reasons * which may be responsible for your dis-satisfaction and click on Submit button.

* Based on the selected reason, you will be asked one or more detailed questions. You can select multiple options for this and all other following questions.